Monday, March 29, 2010

Something for the 2.3 of You Who Read This Crap

Hey... haven't blogged in a while. Been very busy with the Enterprise - learning the new gear, software, etc. Also, I'm still working on the release-version of my Nosferatu soundtrack, The Cry of a Bird of Prey. Long story short, I wanted to add enhanced content to the second disc... and that's where the trouble started. I downloaded free programs to write auto-load code, etc. and everything kept leading to another download, and another... I kept following directions to a T and having the programs crap out. Finally, I ordered a used copy of Macromedia's Director... only to have the vendor crap out... leaving me to order a DIFFERENT copy from a DIFFERENT vendor. So... I am now teaching myself Director 8 Shockwave Studio (yes, I know it's old... but I'm poor and it will do the job). My goal is to have the CDs off to duplication within the next two weeks...

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